It has been one year since I started Luv Label. This brand was born in a bathtub. The bathroom was my studio and where I fell in luv with dyeing hoodies. That was during quarantine, which I refer to as the renaissance due to the most rare and special moment where life and time were in absolute synchronization. Although I work by myself all day and I am in control of time, I know it will never feel like it did during that time. It was a different kind of energy when the whole city of Los Angeles was in a lullaby state of existing. Forget Los Angeles, it was our whole globe in a synchronized state of existing. I wonder if other people remember like this too. Personally, I will never forget it and I will always feel nostalgic for that time. I know that this wasn't the case for everyone as being home is a different reality for everyone, but for my story and for Luv Label's story it was our first chapter and without it, this story may have never existed...what a thought. 

I will have to try my best to revisit that chapter of this story and figure out how to clone that feeling, or in other words, get into that kind of flow state. The flow is a magical place to be as a creative. You know, that peak state of being fully immersed in what you are doing and enjoying every moment of it. 

These are some of my favorite hoodies that I made in the flow.

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